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What our dentists say



Outcomes Beyond the Ordinary

Our team has grown dental practices since 1991 with experience across all specialties, practice sizes, and geographies. Our playbook stands the test of time and predictably, consistently drives value. As seasoned dental experts, we have helped practice owners and their families get back on top. We are committed to the dental industry and will be there when you need us most

Since our CEO began her career in dentistry over 30 years ago, she has never been unsuccessful in achieving dental practice financial growth in a practice she engaged

Don't just take our word for it. Here is what some of our dentists say


Dr. Deepthy Thomas, San Ramon, CA

"Jacquie turned my practice from a small, local operation to a regional leader in dentistry. She helped me grow my physical space and staff to create more capacity, added service lines, and brought costs in line with benchmarks. Since Jacquie's involvement in my practice began in 2017, my practice's profitability has drastically increased!"

Diversified Dental Solutions
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Dr. Bret Annoni, Walnut Creek, CA

"Jacquie has a remarkable ability to analyze a practice and identify the key areas to drive production. Through expanded service lines (which reduces the need to refer patients out of the practice) coupled with whole health dentistry, Jacquie has helped us grow our practice by over 40% in 15 months."

Diversified Dental Solutions


Dr. Peter Glatz, Springfield, IL

"After building a new office, my operating expenses skyrocketed while my production did not. I found myself in a cash flow crisis that was impacting me and my family everyday. Jacquie Howdyshell came to my rescue and helped me create a game plan that put me back in control. Her ability to diagnose and solve problems is second to none." 

Dr. Glatz


Dr. Stephen Harkins, Tucson, AZ

"Jacquie Howdyshell is extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented in the business of dentistry. Her playbook of day-to-day operational changes adds up to a lot. She is an excellent teacher of organizational and communication skills to the staff and the doctors. Her expertise in scheduling, staff compensation, overhead control, cash flow, and collections is highly impressive."

Diversified Dental Solutions


Dr. Aaron Schwartzman, Beverly Hills, CA

"Staff compensation and turnover are often the costliest and most difficult aspects of practice management. Jacquie's expertise in these areas, and Diversified Dental Staffing's exceptional human resources capabilities, helped my practice replace key personnel, keep staff motivated, and reduce downtime for the practice. Jacquie's experience in this domain is unparalleled!"

Diversified Dental Solutions
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