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Outcomes Beyond the Ordinary

We are a leading dental practice management consultancy whose sole mission is to improve the lives of dentists, their families, and their patients. We are led by a 30-year veteran of the dental industry who has consulted with over 4,000 dental practices over her illustrious career and has a proven track record of helping dentists optimize both their clinical and financial potential

We roll up our sleeves and work with dentists and their teams to optimize patient retention, bill payment systems, budgeting, outstanding receivables, and implementation of necessary systems

We help dentists get into offensive positions. We believe all owners have the capacity to grow their practices, improve their financial performance, and maximize what is often the largest investment for themselves and their families



Systematic Dental Practice Improvements to Drive Value with You at the Forefront

Our CEO has led the growth of practices across all dental specialties. More than the numbers alone, we help you, as the dentist, reach your full potential. Our services follow a proven playbook that has been developed and refined since 1991


We have seen it all and know that no two practices are alike. Our solutions are intricately designed with each practice's mission, vision, and values at the forefront to help you unleash your full leadership potential and maximize value


Deep Experience, Operating Edge

Jacquie Howdyshell